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Mining Equipment

Our mining equipment range centers around drilling and bolting in mining, especially coal mining.  For this reason, our entire product offering is available in flameproof specification.  Our range of mining equipment is listed below:

  • Roofbolters, Crawler Rig
  • Face Drills, Crawler Rig
  • Horizontal Exploration Drill Rigs
  • Mobile Flameproof Compressors
  • Mobile Working Platforms (Certified)
  • Utility Vehicle (Maintenance Cars)
  • Spares & Accessories.
CMR7-MANTIS Face Drill / Roofbolter

The CMR7 series Mantis Face Drill / Roofbolter is a crawler rig machine designed for secondary support bolting, roof & rib bolting, cable anchor installation, face drilling , roof coring and water hole drilling.

The Mantis is available with: a two stage telescopic feed frame with rotary drilling; a fixed boom with hydraulic rock drill for percussion drilling; or, an interchangeable option of both feed frame types.  The machine can be powered electrically, by diesel engine, or, by a combination of the two.

View CMR7 Mantis Specification Sheet.

CFD-FASA1000 Series Horizontal Exploration Drill

The CFD-FASA1000 Series Horizontal Exploration Drill was designed to conduct horizontal exploration drilling and coring, for the purpose of detecting geological anomalies, such as dykes, methane pockets and water reservoirs.  The data obtained from this drilling can then be used to better plan mining production.

The machine is electro/hydraulically powered, is trailer mounted and is available with: fixed wheel, drag steer; or, crawler track, skid steer options.

View CFD-FASA1000 Specification Sheet.

CMS-FPC Series Mobile Flameproof Compressor

Our compressor offering is limited to mobile flameproof compressors, ranging in capacity from 440 CFM up to 750 CFM.   Compressors are finished to mine & client specification.

View CMS-FPC Compressor Specification Sheet.

Mobile Working Platforms (certified)

When installing secondary support or shotcreting in high seams, without the luxury of a telehandler or similar equipment fitted with man baskets, it is not practical to continually build, breakdown and rebuild scaffolding.  Our mobile working platforms are design to be towed or pulled into position, are height adjustable and designed to take dynamic drilling loads whilst accommodating personnel and material.

Mobile Working Platforms can be designed and built to client requirements.  All platforms are supplied with Professional Engineering Certification for the design and a Load Test Certificate.

View Standard Platform Specification Sheet.

CMS-UV Series Utility Vehicle

Our Utility Vehicle is an electro/hydraulic, trackless, skid steer, maintenance car fitted with oil transfer tank and transfer pump, compressor, air receiver, lifting crane and working deck with bench mounted vice,  There are also two tool cabinets located on each side of the vehicle. For convenience air take off & oil take off points located on either side of the vehicle.

These vehicles are excellent for facilitating in section repairs of mining equipment used at the coal face.

Spares & Accessories

C.M.S. stock a comprehensive range of  O.E.M. assemblies, components and consumables to ensure that availability of our machines is optimally maintained.

Our Brochure

View our 2019 brochure for an easy to read guide on all of the services offered by us.

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