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Industrial Machines

Industrial Machines

Over the past few years we have developed an array of machinery used in various manufacturing applications, with varying degrees of automation. Our standard O.E.M. offering includes:

  • Glass Wool Laminating & Packaging Production Line (P.L.C. automation)
  • Wedge Tapping & Splitting Machine (P.L.C. automation)
  • Cable Anchor Manufacturing Line (optional P.L.C. automation)
  • Hydraulic Power Packs & Rams
  • Spares & Accessories
Glass Wool Laminating & Packaging Production Line (P.L.C. automation)

Our Glass Wool Laminating & Packaging Production Line allows for the dispensing of rolls of pre-manufactured glass wool base material together with a laminating foil.  These are then cut to length, compacted & rolled up with a plastic film packaging.

Automation is provided by way of P.L.C. control.  These production plants offer truly excellent value.

View Standard Specification Sheet.

Wedge Tapping & Splitting Machine (P.L.C. automation)

The Wedge (received in a barrel) is a critical component used in civils construction and mining anchoring.  Not only is it critical in this application, but the manufacturing process of a wedge is complex with manufacturing accuracy, reliability and repeat ability of  vital importance for a safety critical product.

The Wedge Tapping & Splitting Machine receives wedges in a hopper, automatically orientates and feeds the wedges to a tapping center where they are tapped.  After which the wedge is split into 3 parts and is cleaned off.  This process is efficient and far less labour intensive than traditional methods of manufacture.

View Standard Specification Sheet.

Cable Anchor Manufacturing Line (optional P.L.C. automation)

Cable Anchor Manufacturing is traditionally a very labour intensive operation.  With our manufacturing plant a large number of the processes can be fully automated.  This lowers labour cost and increases plant throughput.

View Standard Specification Sheet.

Hydraulic Power Packs & Rams

We manufacture a range of hydraulic power packs with a great degree of customization and levels of automation to suit your needs.

Spares & Accessories

C.M.S. stock a comprehensive range of  O.E.M. assemblies, components and consumables to ensure that availability of our machines is optimally maintained.

Our Brochure

View our 2019 brochure for an easy to read guide on all of the services offered by us.

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