PV Solar Installation by CMS

A recent electrical fire at a council substation resulted in a power outage to our area that lasted for a little over three weeks. During this period, CMS made use of diesel powered generators to power the Industrial Park.

After the resumption of power supply, there have been numerous “nuisance” power outages. This lack of power supply reliability and the state our national power grid, prompted Zonax Holdings, to install a PV (photovoltaic) Solar solution that would keep the offices running, in the event of a power outage.

Zonax management then tasked CMS with designing, installing and commissioning a 10 kW Solar PV solution. The solution had to be scalable, modular and also provide undercover parking for staff.

Final commissioning, integration and optimization of the system was achieved in the second week of July 2020. A 5 kW expansion of the system is being considered. Longer term, post the COVID-19 pandemic, Zonax will consider installing a 350 kW, 3 phase Solar PV solution. This size of installation would power most of the machinery installed in the Industrial Park. But for now, we can rest assured that our offices will have uninterrupted power.


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