Mobile Drilling Platform – to facilitate safer and more efficient, secondary support installations.

The Mobile Drilling Platform is multipurpose.  The working deck is made with heavy duty, nonslip expanded metal. The platform has a safe working load (S.W.L.) of 2,500 kg and a maximum capacity for four people on the working deck.

Height and leveling adjustment of the platform is provided on each corner with a landing leg unit, having an external and independent adjustment via an internal bevel gear arrangement.

Access to the working area is provided by a vertical ladder which extends to the height of the safety railings and combining safety hoops.

Operator safety on the platform is ensured by the provision of safety railing on all sides.  Entry is provided via a lockable gate which pivots inwardly. Kick plates are provided on all sides.

The platform can be towed from both ends. Each towing assembly has a steering arrangement that can be disabled. Easy movement over rough ground is achieved by the use of wide, industrial grade, air filled tyres.

Important features & benefits of the Mobile Drilling Platform:

  • Quick and easy deployment to work areas
  • Ability to drill directly from the work deck
  • Safer and easier access to the mine roof
  • Greater control of portable drilling equipment when drilling
  • Work deck space accommodates four people, permitting parallel preparation of mining consumables whilst drilling / installing support.
  • Increased productivity
  • Various height adjustable options available to suit varying roof heights
  • Strong and robust construction
  • Platform construction is a bolted together assembly that is easily stripped down for road transport.
  • Certified design and load tested

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